Horse: Duddy, 12, Lancaster, Pa.

Driver: Tony Moran, 51, County Mayo, Ireland

Describe Your Horse in One Word: Great temperament

Anecdote: I took great Irish actor Richard Harris — who’s passed away — himself and a lady one Sunday. Took them through the park. I dropped them at the plaza.

So the following day he’s on his own. He rolls up to me, he says, “Moran,” he says, “Where you droppin’ off the people?” And I dropped them at 5th Avenue. So, then I asked him, “Do you want anything?”

So I went over to get him a soda. Right on the corner. Then when I come back — he said he’d hold the horse — well he’s sittin’ up there [in the carriage] — this is about 15, 16 years ago. So there was a lady that was a horse driver at the time — her name was Eda — she thought he was a bum, going away with the horse. [Laughs]

I come back with the soda, and I see her holding the lines and Richard Harris up there [in the carriage]. So I thought it was very funny, and then other guys come around and Richard was a nice guy. Unfortunately he passed away at the age of [72].

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“We’ve lost a good man … A very brave police officer … who did something that most of us wouldn’t know how to do: He went selflessly toward the flames.”